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Friends of Mebane's Animals assists those in Alamance County and surrounding areas, who meet our finanical guidelines or who have extenuating circumstances. In order to qualify, you must be on some type of public assistance, unemployment, or have a monthly income below $1500.00 and live within our service area. Due to limited funds and the extreme needs of citizens locally, we do not provide assistance for those living in other areas. Please see our resources page for other organizations that may be able to help. 
​ If you need help, please fill out our application and read/sign our guidelines and mail them to us. Please include a copy of your state or military ID (you can black out the number, but must include your photo), along with a copy of supporting documents that verify financial assistance (this can be a copy of your food stamp qualification letter, unemployment, public housing, medicaid, etc). If you don't receive public assistance, we will need a letter stating why you need assistance and a letter of reference from an unrelated individual who knows your circumstance. 

Providing supportive care and advocacy for families and pets in our community